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Kneading to Relax provides results driven Lymphedema Therapy in Trinidad and Tobago. We  can help you with your Lymphedema Management. Call us on 1-868-776-7285

Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), also called Lymphedema Management Therapy, is an intensive program that combines four main components of therapy, which includes:


lymphedema trinidad

What is Lymphedema?

Not all swelling is the same.  Lymphedema is an unusual buildup of lymphatic fluid, which no longer subsides over time.  There are four clinical stages of lymphedema:

Stage 0 – Latent stage, swelling is not seen at this point, despite changes with in the  lymphatic system- most common post trauma, i.e. accident, surgery or cancer treatment.

Stage 1 – (Mild) Reversible Stage, swelling is noticeable but seems to subside with elevation of the limb.

Stage 2 – (Moderate) Spontaneously Irreversible, swelling is constant with pitting and elevation no longer helps with the reduction of the limb.

Stage 3 – (Severe) Elephantiasis, tissue has become hard and fibrotic.  Pitting no longer possible and skin changes visible.  Papillomas are common. This is a small wart-like growth on the skin or on a mucous membrane, derived from the epidermis and usually benign.

Lymphedema Therapy- CDT is available at Kneading to Relax, right here TRINIDAD and TOBAGO as well as in the wider Caribbean. In fact, Kneading to Relax, has successfully managed cases of Lymphedema over the past six years.

Manage post operation Edema and Primary and Secondary Lymphedema with Complete Decongestive therapy. Complete Decongestive Therapy, is the gold standard for lymphedema management.

The goal of lymphedema management, is to assist the patient by reducing any swelling post operation or from any pre existing condition eg. Primary or Secondary Lymphedema.  Once successful reduction in the lymph congestion is achieved that patient is then fitted for a compression garment based on their individual needs.

Professional fitting for compression garments for Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity-

  • Caresia upper and lower extremity bandage liners
  • Ready Wrap binders for upper and lower extremity
  • Swell Spots- to break up fibrotic tissue


WEAR EASE- Post Operation Bras and Truncal compression wear

L&R USA professional Bandaging Kits for Lymphedema Management


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