Sports Massage Therapy

Do you feel sore and achy? sports massage therapy trinidadTight shoulders? Tired and aching muscles?

Sports massage is a type of massage that can reduce pain post workout.  This type of massage was originally developed to serve athletes as a way to prevent and relieve injuries, but both athletes and non-athletes can gain physiological and psychological benefits from receiving sports massage therapy.

Time: 60 mins and 90 mins

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Prevention

Sports massage therapy can prevent or relieve delayed onset muscle soreness, which can present within   12 to 24 hours after the exercise has been performed. Sports massage therapy prevents delayed onset muscle soreness by encouraging blood and lymph flow throughout the body, preventing muscle fatigue.

Stress and Pain Reduction

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

The psychological effects and benefits of sports massage

  • improved relaxation
  • minimal muscle tensionsports massage therapy trinidad
  • higher range of movement
  • scar tissues improvement
  • better recovery by raising blood circulation to the affected spot
  • mitochondrial development, which is the power station for muscle

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